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Use the Interactive Unit Map on our Units page to find a unit near you.  

Something for everyone!

Red Wing Cadets at a recruiting event.Civil Air Patrol has programs for adults (age 18+) and youth (age 12-21):

  • Senior Squadrons are made up of adult members only. 

  • Cadet Squadrons are made up of youth and adult members. Adult members work with the youth and mentor them through the program. As youth complete the program, they advance into various leadership roles. At the age of 18 youth may become adult members or continue as a Cadet until they turn 21.

  • Composite Squadrons are a blend of adult and youth members.

  • Groups are made up of the leadership for a collection of squadrons. New members will join squadrons rather than groups. In the case when a wing has numerous squadrons, they are "grouped" geographically into Groups so the Group Commander can typically supervise five to eight squadron commanders.

  • Family Involvement is encouraged and we have many families throughout Minnesota that have joined and grown, as both individuals and family members, during their journey in the Civil Air Patrol.

Membership Options

There are multiple types of membership options:

  • Cadet: For youth ages 12-21.

  • Senior Member: For adults age 18+.

  • Sponsor Member: For adults who would like to be a chaperone for youth events.

  • Aerospace Education Member (AEM): For adults who want to leverage Civil Air Patrol materials to teach aerospace education.

1st Photo: 2d Lt. Damsgard with Cadet Master Sgt. Damsgard, North Hennepin Squadron
2nd Photo: Cadet Staff Sgt. Rasmussen, Senior Member Rasmusssen, and Cadet Tech. Sgt. Rasmussen, Viking Squadron.
3rd Photo: Capt. Tostenson, Viking Squadron and Cadet Tech. Sgt.Tostenson, Mankato Squadron at MLA.

Cadets in Blues at Encampment

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Use this link to request an invitation to a CAP meeting. If you are an educator, select the button for AEM (Aerospace Education Member) Prospects.

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