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Minnesota Leadership Academy (MLA)

The Minnesota Leadership Academy (MLA) offers an opportunity for cadets to train and grow together with other cadets across the state. 

The program is held at Camp Ripley in mid-Oct when Minnesota public schools traditionally have a 4 day weekend. Look to register in September. Applications for cadets applying to be staff are due in mid-August.

MLA offers 4 different learning experiences.


Airman Training School (ATS)

For those new to the Cadet program who have not yet attended an Encampment you will learn:

  • How to excel in drill and ceremonies.

  • Standards for proper uniform wear and care.

  • All of the opportunities that CAP has to offer and how to take full advantage of the Cadet Program.

Non-Commissioned Officer School (NCOS)

For Cadets who have attended an Encampment you will learn:

  • Lead and teach flight level drill in accordance with CAPP 60-20.

  • Effectively prepare and present a speech in a professional setting.

  • Successfully manage the basic development of subordinate cadets.

  • Recognize the importance of how your decisions impact fellow cadets and your future CAP career.

Basic Cadet Officer Course (BCOC)   

For Cadet Officers or soon-to-be Officers you will learn:

  • The Principle of Officership.

  • The Responsibility of Command.

  • How to mentor and develop younger cadets.

  • And above all, how to lead cadets on a larger scale.

Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS)

  • RCLS is a pre-requisite for the Eaker Award and is geared towards developing Phase III leadership skills (indirect leadership) in Cadets.

  • For future and current Cadet Officers, Region Cadet Leadership School offers cadets a chance to learn new skills and acquire knowledge to become more effective leaders in their squadrons and wings. There are daily assignments and group discussions on ethics, leadership, and management. It is a challenging but rewarding experience designed to help you grow in leadership skills.

  • RCLS is authorized by the Region and is held in different states within the region, so it is not always available in Minnesota. However, when held in Minnesota, it takes the place of our Basic Cadet Officer Course (BCOC). 

MLA Cadet Staff (Cadre)

For those that have attended all levels of MLA you can apply for the opportunity to serve as staff:Cadet Staff 2021 Minnesota Leadership Academy

  • Cadet Commander

  • Cadet Executive Officer

  • Cadet Administration Officer

  • Cadet Duty Officers and NCOs

  • Cadet PAO Officers

  • Cadet ATS Seminar Leaders

  • Cadet NCOS Seminar Leaders

  • Cadet BCOC Seminar Leaders

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